Using iSANO:
Our wholefood nutrient bar provides for various possibilities of use in everyday life:
as healthy alternative to snacks:
The bar is a healthy, substantial alternative to snacks throughout the day, replacing high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks between meals.
Also well suited to maintain weight after the cure.
as replacement of a meal:
With its high-quality ingredients, the bar is the perfect energy supply as replacement of single meals and thus also suitable for controlled slow weight loss over a longer period.
for use on single days:
The bar is well suited for use on single days, for instance, for considerable relief after unhealthy periods (vacation, holidays, …) to rebalance the body.
as provision for outdoor activities:

iSANO bars are perfectly suited as light provision to take with you for hikes, ski and bike tours, cycling excursions, etc. It is the most compact form to have all nutrients and the optimum energy profile with you all the time (up to 15 bars a day possible with physical activity).
Take a look at a wonderful example here: iSANO in the Himalayas

as iSANO cure:
The iSANO cure will help you get your body into “well-being mode” with low effort in your everyday life (no shopping for special food, no extensive cooking based on diet recipes). Since the bars are portioned and consumed regularly throughout the day you will remain efficient and flexible all the time. The reset of the body is made step by step, based on the length of use: detoxification, deacidification, blood purification, skin cleansing, liver regeneration. Your body will make a metabolic restart, the quality of your sleep will improve significantly and your weight loss will be impressive.