Confirmed by studies

More than 5,500 users have tested iSANO in a trial period. We managed to get test persons exclusively through recommendation from existing test persons (without remuneration) and word of mouth advertising in less than 8 months. The test persons had to visit an information event and register for the test. Afterwards, the test persons were told to use iSANO together with water for one week and forego any other food. Each test person agreed to document their success in a form each day (success check). At the end of the week, all test persons sent us their forms.


The result:

Mean value: 0.493 kg weight loss per day calculated based on 7 days (-3.45 kg) and on a person with 65 kg.

Success stories & experiences 

joerg b



"In combination with M.A.N.D.U. Your Lifestyleworkout, isano has become my weight modulator. Following numerous diets, isano is the first form of nutrition which is suited for weight loss in the long term. First it is about losing weight, then well-being and maintaining weight."

Jörg B. is pediatrician from Upper Austria






"I am fit and train my muscles with M.A.N.D.U. on a weekly basis. I also included isano intensive weeks into my everyday life on a regular basis. Last time, I lost 3 kg in fat but still managed to build muscles. I’m very content with this result."

Sarah S. is a student from Tyrol.


peter s testimonial isano



„The fat years are over. With iSANO, I am efficient and fit at work. This product is easy to use and highly convenient. Simple, convenient, excellent result – 15 kg."

Peter S. is a manager from Upper Austria.




ReneG 01

"I discovered the iSANO bars during my sport vacation.
I do not have any weight problems because as someone doing both weight training and cardio I spend a lot of time at the gym.
I eat 8 bars a day and a normal dinner for 1 week.
The bars provided optimum supply; despite my daily training, I was not hungry and had considerably more energy at the gym. After one week already, my body fat percentage was reduced and at the same time I had built up muscles. Muscle definition was also significantly better after this week. I recommend iSANO for fat burning and muscle building at the same time. I will definitely replace the muscle building products I used so far with iSANO, also due to the fact that iSANO contains 100% natural ingredients.
It’s astonishing what this small bar includes, you notice it immediately"

René G., Neuberg


AchimN 01

"A tennis partner told me about the nutrient bars and I decided to do a 4-week cure to detoxify and purge my body and achieve a metabolism reset. Weight loss was not my priority although I would have been happy about losing one or two kg. I started my challenge to eat healthy food with Isano only for three weeks on 5 October 2015. On day 3 I realized that my metabolism had been stimulated. I was surprised at the fact that I was not hungry at all – due to the regular intake of the bars. I had 92 kg when I started and lost 3 kg in the first week already, without any stress. I participate in many tournaments and often play several matches on a single day. Although I only ate the nutrient bars, I was feeling great and also had much energy. I am meanwhile used to the bars and think the iSANO Classic bar is simply tasty. I lost 6 kg after week 2 and felt great with 86 kg. I did the cure for 3 weeks and then started combining the bars with some salad and vegetables in the 4th week. I work at a computer the entire day and quickly realized that iSANO made my tiredness in the afternoon disappear completely. I was more focused and more efficient. My sleep behavior has improved as well. I have been sleeping through the night since week 2 and am rested and fit in the morning. I also realized I was more mobile during tennis matches and regeneration after exhausting tournaments on weekends was significantly improved and short. I am absolutely impressed after those 4 weeks and will include the nutrient bar into my daily nutrition to avoid empty calories and pointless substitute meals consciously in the future. I love eating a delicious steak or similar food now, however, I eat more consciously than before. What impresses me is iSANO’s simplicity and efficiency. Thanks to iSANO Germany for the top support during my cure. I’d like to recommend everyone to give it a try. The advantages are huge. Best regards from Mainz. "

Achim N. from Mainz




BritaW 250x250

"Love at second bite
I wanted to get rid of 4 kg of winter flab and after I had witnessed the success my daughter and her friend had I bought my own weekly ration. I ate about 8 to 9 bars a day for five days, and nothing else, and I lost almost all of those 4 kilos. It was totally easy and I felt really good. The fast success was a great incentive. However, the bars convinced me also because I was as efficient as always at work and when doing my weekly runs. I never was in a bad mood. The only disadvantage was that I did not have one joint meal or a glass of wine with my friends in those days. Since I successfully lost weight with the bars, I have always had them at home and in my bag. Moreover, I am glad that I stopped stuffing chocolate and cake without control and instead enjoy the “other” food much more."
Brita W. from Hamburg



Melanie B 01



"Due to my job, I often do not have a regular daily routine so regular and balanced meals are an exception. The bars are exceptionally helpful – as snack in-between or also as replacement for an entire day. I lost 7.2 kg in the past two and a half months and at the same time my efficiency at work increased significantly. I can only recommend the product and am glad that I already know it and made this experience. Thank you so much.”
Melanie B. from Hamburg




"As a woman and artist who often is in the spotlight I pay attention to my weight and my daily healthy nutrition. My hectic work routine, however, does not allow me to take as much care as I’d like to. My boyfriend has graduated in nutrition science so he is the one responsible for health and balanced nutrition. It has become very expensive, however, to eat in the right and healthy way, and also very time-consuming. When we got to know iSANO he busied himself with the details and was enthusiastic about how perfect the single nutrients were for making our body as efficient as possible. He was primarily convinced by the fact that the bar contains 100% natural ingredients only, without preservatives or chemical additives. 3 weeks ago, we decided to eat iSANO bars during the day. Not only can I maintain my weight but also I have much more energy than before."

Jenny B. from Hattenheim




Jens H


"I have had about 96 kg for many years. I never managed to lose weight with a lasting effect as a result of too many sweets and hot meals for dinner. Therefore, I decided to follow a friend’s recommendation and make an iSANO cure. I almost exclusively ate the iSANO bar, which is rather neutral in taste, during the first week. As of week 2, I started having dinner with my family again (yes, I do love this habit). Despite this combination, I achieved my desired weight of 87 kg after two and a half months and I feel totally relieved and fit. I also started trampolining in the 2nd week because long runs were not possible due to joint pain. Trampolining was a good balance. I will continue eating iSANO during the day."

Jens H. from Taunusstein


Olaf D


"Being a project manager I’m on planes a lot. Therefore, I often do not have enough time to eat regularly and nutritiously. Business dinners have a negative effect as well. Now I can bridge the time in the best possible way with the iSANO bars and I feel top fit. The bars have helped me eat healthily for about 6 months now. During this time, I was able to lose 20 kg without stress and increase my well-being considerably. I eat “normally” in the morning and in the evening and about 6 to 8 bars during the day. I’m constantly impressed at the bars’ efficiency. Without exaggeration, those small “wonder bars” changed my life entirely and in a positive way. THANK YOU!
P.S.: The bars are the ideal supply for tennis competitions – LK 5 can come:-)"

Olaf D. from Hamburg



Miachael V



"I am thoroughly fit due to my job. I was recommended to try the nutrient bars and made a test for one week. I am impressed by the bars’ simple use and efficiency. I lost 2.5 kg in a week (although I had not intended to lose weight at all :-) ) and, to my surprise, my energy level rose considerably, better than with my usual nutrition. I will definitely integrate the bars into my daily nutrition. To me, the bars are neutral in taste and tasted better each day.

Michael V. from Ochtendung




Ingo B

"I am self-employed and on the road a lot and I’m constantly wondering what do eat during the day and what would be reasonable food. For lack of alternatives, I eat fast food or nothing at all too often. The result is that I have food cravings in the evening. Since I’m a tennis player I do not have weight problems or overweight. iSANO convinced me because it is a 100% natural food and the optimum composition for optimum energy supply, because of its simple use and its constant availability. I no longer have to think about what to eat during the day and I eat healthily, I have full power by day and, primarily, I save much time!"

Ingo B. from Lahnstein


"With iSANO - happy together ... :-) 

When we were asked “Have you ever eaten 100% healthily for one week?”, we had to say “no”, much to our surprise.
Therefore, we accepted the challenge to eat only iSANO for one week. Our first status report after 4 days. We experienced difficulties forgetting our eating habits at the beginning. We were advised, however, to eat calorie-neutral rice with peas every time we have food cravings – that’s what we did. We always laughed at the sentence and ultimately, it helped surviving the first few days. Who will win the challenge: Your weaker self or you? It was easy after the 3rd day already and now we feel really good and are in a good mood. It’s really nice to feel more energy and lose weight … even if it’s just a few kilos..."

XU & Andy from Frankfurt


I have been an athlete focusing on fitness for some time now.

I have already tested many forms of nutrition, some of them were successful, others were not. It’s always about efficient nutrition without getting fatter. Much food is required to maintain a certain muscle mass. There are solutions but they are time-consuming both in use and preparation.
You have to go shopping, cook, make portions, etc.
When I tried the first wholefood bar, the flavor was not very appealing. The bar was from one of your competitors and I was not convinced by the taste at all although I liked the concept. So, when I tested the first Isano bar, I was relieved that I found a delicious bar. The chocolate and Christmas editions are really tasty. I have been eating your bars for eight weeks now and combine them with protein shakes and, if I like to, with vegetables. The results are good. I feel good because it’s no unbalanced diet. Only little effort is needed and I can eat something good every two hours so I never get food cravings. I’d like to recommend the bars to everyone with a little discipline. It does not matter whether you want to lose weight or eat the bars for athletic reasons, it works.

Savas A. from Schorndorf



I have been on a diet with isano for about 5 weeks … before I did the cure for 14 days, with 8 bars a day.
The bars’ taste is better than of comparable products I tried. iSANO bars are wholesome. I lost 5 kg in those 2 weeks. Now I eat 5 bars a day at an interval of 2 hours and have a protein shake with my training. Saturday is my cheat day on which I eat what I want. 6 days a week I stick to 5 bars and 1 shake. I lost 8 kg after 5 weeks. Yeah! I’d like to do the cure for another 5 weeks. I am convinced by isano, it works really well. My weekly weight loss is 1 kg.

Petra B. from Heidenheim





Dear Isano team,

first, I’d like to praise you. My friend Markus (on cc) told me about your method 4 weeks ago and recommended it. So, I ordered a weekly ration and a 4-day ration of chocolate bars. I lost 4 kg in the first week. After a short settling-in period (1.5 days) I was completely used to the bars. I was not hungry although I ate only about 8 bars a day because time went by so fast and drank liters of water. I couldn’t do without coffee, however, so I indulged in 2 to a maximum of 3 cups a day.

Losing weight was not so easy in week 2 but after some time I had a loss of about 1 pound a day. So, by this morning, day 19, I lost 8 kg in total. I feel really good and fit. What is particularly wonderful is that I slept like a baby, soft and deep! So great!

Meanwhile I miss indulgence a bit, like the taste of a good Serrano ham or something similar but apart from that I don’t miss anything!
My plan is to return to normal food slowly but to pay attention to healthy food without snacks in-between.
After 2 weeks, I will do another Isano cure for 2 weeks to lose another 4 to 6 kg. After that I will have an Isano day every 2 weeks. Do you think this makes sense?

Kind regards from Cologne,

Thomas W.