Metabolic tips

Metabolism is the basis of our life. All chemical processes in our body take place because of metabolism. 
Basically, there are two parts:
Component metabolism is responsible for building and maintaining the body while the energy metabolism provides the energy required for all bodily functions and activities.
Depending on the physical build, we can differentiate between various metabolic types (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph) whose metabolism differs in speed, thus building or reducing muscles and fat differently.
Only about 30% is based on genetics, however, the remaining 70% is a result of several factors deciding whether and how we stimulate our metabolism or slow it down.

Please note:

- Make sure you exercise! Physical activities stimulate your body’s nutrient supply and metabolic waste can be removed faster. Going to the sauna can have a stimulating effect, too.

- Drink enough water! Water purifies and purges the body and removes the everyday toxins.

- Cold water is better since warming it up to reach body heat consumes more energy.

- Unsweetened hot tea has a reverse effect: Energy consumption will increase since the liquid needs to be cooled down to body heat, stimulating both metabolism and fat burning!

- Get enough sleep! According to studies, an adult’s optimum duration of sleep is 7 to 9 hours. Sleep deficit reduces desire for activity and leads to food cravings! The reason is the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin which