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Food revolution

Mainly the simple use makes iSANO a well-being bar. And the best thing is: It is up to each user to which extent they consume iSANO. All users, however, can be sure that they give their body a treat with the bar. We will describe the full use as cure below.

Diseases of civilization such as overweight, malnutrition, and type 2 diabetes, are constantly increasing. iSANO counteracts such diseases – with energy and nutrition profiles developed and adjusted based on the latest scientific findings. The intake of a maximum of 1,000 kcal a day in 10 portions together with water covers the entire daily requirement of necessary energy (glucose homeostasis) and nutrients in an isotonic and natural way.

The glycemic load will be controllable and optimized, making it possible to reduce the insulin dose which is required to bring down the blood sugar level.


With the iSANO cure, you will relief your body step by step. If you make full use of the cure, your desired weight loss will be only one of several positive side effects without a reduction of your performance in everyday life as it is often the case with other cures.


After the first week, organs will be relieved as well as deacidified. Side effects such as headache or nausea due to withdrawal of stimulants will cease.


In the second week, the liver will regenerate, nutrient and electrolyte levels will be balanced, the quality of your sleep will improve.


In the third week, blood purification will start (this process might take up to 100 days), your metabolism will be renewed, energy increases significantly since the liver is relieved and metabolic waste declines. The body forming is taking effect.

During the iSANO cure, you should eat 10 bars a day (a maximum of 15 bars a day, depending on physical activity or body height) at an interval of 60 to 90 minutes.

After the cure, we recommend one iSANO day a week as relief as well as a 14-day cure per quarter or a bar for in-between as single meal or alternative to snacks. Moreover, we recommend a balanced diet with many fresh ingredients.

Forego alcohol, coffee, mineral water, black tea and other stimulants during the iSANO cure. Chew well, slowly and consciously.

During the cure, considerable weight loss might occur. If you have a BMI below 20, we recommend medical consultation!
Drink about 2.5 liters fresh and non-carbonated water throughout the day, preferable while eating the bar.