If you want to understand iSANO you must try it. Using it is the easiest way to find out what the dietary revolution is about: fasting without hunger, losing weight without losing energy, eating without bad conscience, living without grocery shopping stress – these are the cornerstones of the possibilities isano provides.

Eat to become healthy and fit. With iSANO. Save your body stress by avoiding the wrong or too many nutrients. Excess energy becomes available and noticeable after a short time already.

The formula of isano was optimized in five years of development. Purely natural raw materials guarantee the supply with all essential nutrients of the daily requirement. The energy needed for digestion and removing metabolic waste is minimized while the energy supply of the brain as well as a lower glycemic load (lower blood sugar level) play key roles.

Simple use and ready-for-consumption portions contribute significantly to the success. With only 1,000 kcal a day, isano has everything we need, well-adjusted in the form of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. The metabolism is thus guaranteed and no deficit exists. And our body will not even realize that it is on a diet.

Thanks to isano, fast and healthy weight loss without hunger is possible for the first time.


Liver regeneration

The liver is our most important organ when it comes to nutrient supply. It works day and night and should receive the possibility of regeneration once a quarter. Most liver cells renew within 2 weeks. When the liver regenerates, our well-being increases and our metabolism works better. Our body detoxifies and deacidifies.

10 portions a day supply the body with all essential nutrients at 100%. As a result, neither hunger nor energy loss occur, with only 1,000 kcal a day. Weight gain is thus not possible and the only thing the body can do is attack the fatty reserves. The body will do this at night. The basis is sufficient supply with redox-active (metabolic potential) nutrients which are provided by isano with every single bar. Just like it is the case with a battery, every isano bar charges the metabolic battery by 10%. Each isano bar only has 100 kcal. The metabolic potential is thus 100% with 1,000 kcal. This potential can be used for burning fat. During a diet, the metabolic potential is reduced and the body thus does not have enough energy to burn fat without making you exhausted and tired. This is not the case with isano. The results of more than 3,000 test persons show this in an impressive way.