Environmentally friendly

iSANO is environmentally friendly for several reasons, based on the principle of not putting empty calories (without essential nutrients) into circulation 

Due to the concentrated amount of nutrients in our products, the effort to supply your body with the same quantity is lower with ISANO than with common food. This saves energy, fuels and other environmental loads due to reduced transport requirement.


Packaging expenditure is 98% higher when the same amount of good nutrients is to be supplied with common food. With full use, we reduce packaging waste to 200 g a week per person.
Common food leads to up to 6 kg waste a week per person on average.
Waste-saving, on the other hand, leads to a reduction in environmental pollution as well.


The exact portions also avoid bio-waste of unused, spoiled food as well as food waste in general which is a major problem nowadays.


The annually required farmland per person is much bigger in case of normal food than the farmland needed for the supply with the same amount of nutrients with ISANO.