Have an easier life with iSANO

Have an easier life with iSANO

There are only two options when it comes to weight loss – both have their limits:

Increase in energy burning (sports)

When we exercise we will encounter the problem of anaerobic (without oxygen) energy burning. After some time, we will have consumed the oxygen in our blood and tissue and as a result, our body will switch to energy emergency supply (glycolysis). The anaerobic energy metabolism leads to an over-acidification of both cells and muscles, preventing the removal of metabolic waste (CO2). In addition, the body’s electrolyte level is reduced and needs to be refilled in an organic way (naturally) with drinks or meals. In most cases, unnecessary and partially unhealthy calories are consumed with the meal. Artificial electrolytes are bound to salts and contain an altered redox potential in chemical terms. 

Reduction of energy supply (diet)

When you are on a diet, all you usually do is reduce the calories. Most often, the type of calories to be reduced is neglected. In order to maintain its function as well as metabolism (homeostasis), the body requires a certain number of various metabolites. If energy and nutrients are reduced or even withdrawn, the body will shift to emergency mode and will slow down metabolism. The liver will produce energy from the body’s own protein by breaking down amino acids (protein). As a result, we lose muscle mass and therefore also the potential to burn energy in the night. Less muscle mass means a lower calorie-based metabolic rate. The percentage share of fat in relation to muscle mass will thus become negative. So, if we start eating normally after a diet, our metabolism will be down and we will gain weight.

In nutrition, we need to distinguish between calories that are burned (catabolic) and nutrients which are required for the body’s function as well as metabolism (anabolic). 

iSANO’s aim is to reduce calories and increase metabolism at the same time. For this purpose, we have to make sure that our central nervous system is supplied with sufficient energy. Otherwise, our body will shift to emergency mode and break down its own tissue and protein to produce energy.

Are you fit for the beach already?

It’s about time to get fit for summer, sun and beach. This great feeling warms our soul and encourages us. We just need to become a bit fitter; however, we can already see the goal.

Don’t you like the idea of a warm breeze by the sea, sunshine, water with pleasant temperature, finally showing your body on the beach, feeling good in your skin, being content with your body, do you? Now you can lose weight quickly and easily with iSANO, the fast well-being diet to reach your optimal weight, with full power and all nutrients your body needs. The results are impressive: Users lose up to 4 kg in the first week, without thinking about food all the time.

The metabolic bar does not contain preservatives or aromatic substances and can be easily eaten when chewed well. As a side effect, metabolism will be stimulated, the body will be detoxified and deacidified and has optimum cell protection. The many good vitamins, all of them in the ingredients coming from farming, will make you sleep and relax better. As a result, you will be able to stomach daily stress better and will not be easily aggravated. What makes iSANO so special is that the super ingredients will protect your cells from toxins and the known “free radicals”.

Many vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E, as well as minerals (selenium, zinc, magnesium, …) act as so-called “catchers of radicals” which, in addition, can also prevent too fast aging. Muscle loss is prevented by the optimum amount of vegetable protein. Also, many users build muscles with exercise. With iSANO, the body gets full nutrient supply with a reduced calorie intake. As a result, the yo-yo effect is considerably mitigated. Of course, you are advised to stick to our recommendations after the cure. If you start eating roast pork and drinking beer, you will gain weight soon. 

Not everyone is good at health – we are

Not everyone is good at health – we are

“Fasting without starving”, with full nutrient supply, has not been possible ever before!

“Fasting without starving”, with full nutrient supply, has not been possible ever before!

Less is better
Calorie reduction (1,000 kcal / day) with optimized nutrient intake on cellular level guarantees fat reduction. iSANO’s optimum nutrient profile contributes to detoxification and deacidification. Fat reduction waste products can thus leave the body more easily. When the quantity of food intake is reduced, the body will automatically shift to reserve reduction. With a daily consumption of 275 g of iSANO, up to 280 g of fat can be reduced. iSANO’s carbohydrate profile is optimized in a way that our brain is well supplied and does not need to shift to muscle loss to get carbohydrates.

Sometimes, more is better
Fat reduction in our body is improved by a lower or balanced insulin profile. Insulin concentration during the iSANO cure remains low. As a result, fat can be reduced constantly. Improved oxygen intake as a result of an increase in mobility also contributes to fat burning. Fatty acids conversed through L-Carnitine will get into the mitochondria, our cells’ power plants. Since the daily intake is only 275 g, or 1,000 kcal, the optimized nutrient supply of the cells leads to a reduced yo-yo effect, also because neither appetite nor hunger occur.

Activates blood sugar

Stimulates metabolism

Balanced diet

Avoids calories