Why does iSANO slow down the aging process considerably?

Why does iSANO slow down the aging process considerably?

Staying young with reduction

Reducing calories with optimized nutrient supply on cell level increases the body’s regenerative capacity significantly. Eating less without being hungry but still having something to chew is good for your soul. The vegetative nervous system, our body’s most important control unit, is considerably harmonized as a result. Increased resistance to stress! And cell division/regeneration will be optimized again while the aging process is slowed down. Telomere consumption of the DNA (aging control) is delayed significantly.


Nature maintains youth

iSANO’s nutrient profile has a considerably anti-oxidative effect. Natural oxidative processes in our body are increased by environmental influences (UV radiation, smoking, stress, heavy metals, …) and as a result, the aging process accelerates. The intake of nutrients and vital substances of natural agricultural origin increases the anti-oxidative capacity of the cells in our body. The positive effect lies in a delayed aging of cells and thus in the maintenance of both physical and mental performance. Deacidification, detoxification and weight loss delay aging, too! 

Small bar, big effect!

Small bar, big effect!

Wie funktioniert das Vitalaging mit iSANO ?

Dr. Med. Frank Schulze


It’s simple: It is good for us and our body is detoxified and purified. iSANO is not only a product but the start of a changed life concept when it comes to nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

We accompany our customers

iSANO is a product without side effects. Still, we advise you to ask your doctor or your iSANO consultant. They will answer all your questions and will accompany you through critical moments of your change in lifestyle. Our iSANO consultants are well trained and participate in further training regularly so you as our customer can benefit from know-how fully. Only those convinced by iSANO will be able to live our philosophy and pass it on.