Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
What is iSANO?

iSANO is a pure natural food concentrate in the form of a bar, carefully processed from biological raw materials which are analyzed for their nutrient content first and then mixed in a way that the mixture contains all elementary nutrients of the daily requirement. Nutrient deficits can thus be balanced in a natural way and the body receives all necessary elements based on 1,000 kcal/day without hunger or considerable performance loss.  

Why is iSANO so special?
How does iSANO work?
Are 1.000 kcal/day sufficient?
Can I eat 100% iSANO?
Can I replace one meal with iSANO?
Is iSANO suitable for in-between meals?
Am I allowed to drink coffee?
Can I drink carbonated drinks?
What is the effect of iSANO like during the cure?
Why would weight loss stagnate during the cure?
Is there a yo-yo effect after the cure?
For how long can I take iSANO?
Are all calories equal?
Can I exercise with iSANO?
Do I have to eat more bars when I exercise intensely?
Why is the bar harder when it’s cold?
How does the CO² (fat) relief of the body work?
Which influence does iSANO have on my health if I have high blood pressure?
Which effect does iSANO have in case of rheumatic problems?
Are diabetics allowed to use iSANO products??
Is iSANO suitable for people suffering from an allergy?
Is iSANO suitable for pregnant women or children?
Can iSANO be used in case of regular use of medication?
Why are headache and nausea possible at the beginning?
My sleep has changed – I sleep better than before but wake up considerably early. Why?
Is iSANO expensive?