100% Nature

100% Nature

iSANO is purely natural health food from bioactive crudités of high quality, rich in energy, protein and fiber, especially analyzed and composed based on the nutrient content.

100% Nährstoffe (bei Classic und Vegan)

100% Nährstoffe (bei Classic und Vegan)

The bar helps balance nutrient deficits in a natural way and provides the body will all essential substances based on 1,000 kcal per day without hunger or performance loss.


the blood sugar level
iSANO Classic and Vegan provides your body with the energy it needs. In a balanced way. All day long. In other words: Lose weight without being hungry!


the metabolism
iSANO Classic and Vegan contains the daily requirement of all essential nutrients. In natural form. This leads to relief. And your body will be grateful!


iSANO Classic and Vegan means healthy diet. Without empty calories. Spending the day with 1,000 - 1,200 kcal, thanks to a smart formula. It’s simple!


the pH-value
iSANO counteracts over-acidification. You will experience an unimagined sense of well-being after a few days. A new sense of life!

What’s so special: iSANO Classic/Vegan...

covers 100% of the daily requirement of natural carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements with 10 bars and 1,000-1,200 kcal only does not contain artificial preservatives or additives meets 160 health claims acc. to EU regulation 432/2012 is a full fiber-rich metabolic balanced diet bar iSANO Vegan is free of allergens and also gluten- and lactose-free is convenient, simple, portioned, ready-for-consumption is produced from natural, regional and carefully processed raw materials in Switzerland has the highest energy and nutrient density – no empty calories fulfills 69 health functions

Losing weight without hunger
In contrast to common diets and cures, the use of iSANO Classic and Vegan is simple and effective. Your muscles will not be so impaired as nearly only fat is burned, allowing for fast, healthy and particularly lasting weight loss. And it’s so easy: During the iSANO intensive phase, ten iSANO Classic or Vegan bars – as well as water – are on the menu just in time throughout the day. Just eat a bar every 60 to 90 minutes and healthy weight loss will become your reality.

The iSANO methode with Classic and Vegan

Full performance at work and in your leisure time

During the iSANO Classic or Vegan intensive phase, iSANO will adjust to your lifestyle so you will be fully efficient and resilient at the same time.

Reduces the yo-yo effect

Many of you might have already tried lots of diets and then the greatly feared yo-yo effect ruined your initial success – with iSANO, you will achieve your goal without side effects.

No loss of time due to cooking and grocery shopping

Common diets usually stretch you to the limit when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking – iSANO will save you the trouble.


Ten bars fit easily in a suitcase or a purse and one bar can be easily taken along to the next meeting – it’s simple, convenient, individually wrapped.

Wholefood diet without the feeling of hunger

You will not have to do without nutrients and will thus not suffer from food cravings. Even during the intensive phase, hunger will not be your daily companion.

Simple use

And the best thing is: iSANO is extremely simple! Eat a bar every 60 to 90 minutes and drink enough water. That’s it!