Supplier of natural medical products at cellular level

iSANO AG produces high-energy, high-protein and fiber-rich nutrient bars in bioactive form which are particularly concerted at cellular level (orthomolecular). 


"mens sana in corpore sano"

(A healthy mind in a healthy body). 

SANO (lat: sanare "to cure somebody") and the letter "I" from the Latin word "intellegere" (recognize) mean "to cure oneself by recognition".  


Healthy - simple & transparent

iSANO’s aim is to increase the quality of nutrition and simplify healthy nutrition. We focus on the transparency of nutrients as well as on avoiding the intake of empty (unnecessary) calories. The reduction of unnecessary calories reduces metabolic waste, relieves the liver as well as the organism and leads to weight loss. In addition, the careful and balanced selection of nutrients leads to an increase in energy, well-being and health.


health science - EU Regulated:

EG VO 1924/2006 über Nährwert- und Gesundheitsbezogene Angaben von Lebensmitteln

EU VO 1169/2011 Lebensmittelinformationen

EU VO 432/2012 Health Claims Liste zulässiger anderer gesundheitsbezogener Angaben

EU VO 609/2013 gewichtskontrollierende Ernährung (iSANO Vegan)


Information on nutrients as well as health-relevant information has been subject to detailed requirements based on nutritional medical findings (orthomolecular medicine) since 14 December 2012. In recent years, food producing companies have filed more than 44,000 applications for approval of health-related claims. Only 222 out of a total of 44,000 applications were approved (article 13 list). At the moment, no other food is known to meet as many of these health-related claims as the metabolic bar developed by iSANO.