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How does deacidification with iSANO work?

Deacidification through relief

Reducing the quantity of food to 260 g a day relieves the digestive tract considerably. As a result, the lymph system can remove residue from cell metabolism and the cells of the digestive organs are detoxified. This “cleansing” leads to a suction which makes the acids from the connective tissue, for instance, leave the body through the lymph system. The most important organs are liver, lungs, kidneys and intestine.

Deacidification through high-quality minerals

iSANO’s calorie-reduced nutrient profile increases the body’s base capacity because over-acidification is a result of exhaustion of base capacity. This base reserve is built by vegetable nourishment, with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium playing a special role as “vegetable salts”. These minerals in the form of citrates and hydro-carbonates build the base capacity in our body.

How does deacidification with iSANO work?

Dr. Med. Frank Schulze